To be a Twenty-Something

Sitting on the sofa with the bf asleep in my lap, watching ‘ Bring It On’ on Film 4 on our make-shift tv, because it is wrong.
I look at the opened bag of Salt and Vinegar Kettle Crisps used as a starter by bf and wonder if there is anyway I can get to that bag of M&M’s without waking him up. OMG! Kirsten Dunst has no stomach. Maybe no M&M’s, isn’t it bad to eat 2 hours before you go to bed anyway?

Also, the reason why we don’t recognise teenagers is because they cast twenty-somethings as sixteen year olds. Talking about bad and wrong…( Just IMBD it and Kirsten was 18- ok still not 16 though.) Life was a bit different a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t want to re-live my teenage years and I am not even that far in my twenties! It feels so much better now, but maybe that is because I care a little bit less (even less than only a year ago.)

Being an adult is different than you think as a teenager, although I am not even sure what it means now. (I am wearing nailpolish only on one foot- is that even allowed after you passed 12?)
But I am trying and I am happy tonight with a sleeping boyfriend on my lap and a made up dinner that we ate from a bowl in front of a make shift tv set.
Yup, pretty happy. If only I could reach those M&M’s…

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