I Love Birthdays

Today it was the birthday of someone who got embarrassed by birthdays. He claimed it was because he was a boy. I don’t understand as I am exactly the opposite: a) a girl-obviously and b) I Love Birthdays.

It is the excitement on the day: I promise you that the days of crossing off nights on a self made calender around my birthday are long gone. But it is that feeling, that there is something special about this day. It is not just a day. It is your own day.

Even during years in which I cried nights before my birthday because life was so shit I did not want to turn 15 – haven’t we all been there?- the actual day was still pretty good. Yes, maybe it is the attention, it must have been especially as a child in combination with the presents ofcourse. Yet more and more, it is just an appreciation of another mile stone. Another year gone.

When life is rough for awhile, it seems to swallow you up whole and you cannot see the end; when the paths are smoother you barely notice the days, weeks and months go by. Still at the end there is your birthday; the day on which everything started.

You have fulfilled another cycle, grown even after childhood in so many different ways and so many things have happened; whether good or bad from your birthday it can all start again. A new year of your life is starting. I love it all. The feeling of closure, achievement and excitement for those things still ahead. The feeling of happiness that I have lived for another year when others were taken.

Not everyday you have the feeling of adventure or curiosity: some days are just plain boring.
So let’s celebrate the days that aren’t: I Love Birthdays!

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