This morning there were no trains on the Northern line because of a signal failure. Of course this is annoying, but I had to smile when a grumpy man behind me loudly coughed: ‘ This country is a joke!’

It is a tube delay. At 8.40am. Let’s keep things in perspective people.

When I grow older I hope that I will never be so bitter or upset and so unhappy with my life at 8.40 on a random Wednesdaymorning that I think that the world’s gone down the drain because of power failure…

After seeing SATC I realised that I am 23 and that I have about double the time to get where I want to get and if I’m not there at that time, hopefully I have another 23 years at least.
I love seeing my mum doing so many things as she is getting older. She’s volunteering and helping asylumseekers settling in in their new countries and she finds herself setting up computers, installing internet and fixing up IKEA furniture.

I am glad she is doing all that because it shows me that life is continues, at every age you learn new things and you experience new challenges.

Today was not a particular amazing day or wonderful day: works was just ok and I came home full of hormones. So just to remind myself that it is not the end of the world;at 9.15pm the boyfriend is already in bed and maybe I should just join him…

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