I just came back from a bar and I heard myself saying to a friend:
I am 23! I have a choice!

The thing is I hope that in the future I will be able to say: I am 48! I have a choice!

I don’t know how old I am going to get. Without wanting to tickle fate: sometimes it is clear that you should at least try to live your life consciously.

I try to live my life knowing I have choices, making decisions and living with them. There is nothing wrong with trying things out even though they might not work. I guess I try to live my life in a way that I am satisfied with. If someone ever asks me why I did things the way I did, I should be able to look them in the eye and answer them straight.

Life is not straightforward and things we don’t expect will come across our path, but it’s by the way we deal with them that we are responsible. I think it is ok to take that responsibility for good or for bad, a choice is a choice. I hope never to wake up one day years from now and not being quite sure how I got there, how the days gone past and how everything seemed to pass me by in general.

But that is just my own humble opinion of course 🙂

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