To be a Twenty-Something

Sitting on the sofa with the bf asleep in my lap, watching ‘ Bring It On’ on Film 4 on our make-shift tv, because it is wrong.
I look at the opened bag of Salt and Vinegar Kettle Crisps used as a starter by bf and wonder if there is anyway I can get to that bag of M&M’s without waking him up. OMG! Kirsten Dunst has no stomach. Maybe no M&M’s, isn’t it bad to eat 2 hours before you go to bed anyway?

Also, the reason why we don’t recognise teenagers is because they cast twenty-somethings as sixteen year olds. Talking about bad and wrong…( Just IMBD it and Kirsten was 18- ok still not 16 though.) Life was a bit different a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t want to re-live my teenage years and I am not even that far in my twenties! It feels so much better now, but maybe that is because I care a little bit less (even less than only a year ago.)

Being an adult is different than you think as a teenager, although I am not even sure what it means now. (I am wearing nailpolish only on one foot- is that even allowed after you passed 12?)
But I am trying and I am happy tonight with a sleeping boyfriend on my lap and a made up dinner that we ate from a bowl in front of a make shift tv set.
Yup, pretty happy. If only I could reach those M&M’s…

First Note

Starting a blog again, because I just have that need to write. Because words are swirling in my brain, because thoughts are sometimes fighting for space.

Writing words, writing sentences means trying to organise all these chaotic thoughts into little notes. Little notes that are little comforts to myself and hopefully some entertainment for anyone who reads it.

Life has moved on since the last time I wrote something, yet some things are still the same. Let’s see what happens. I am going to try one more time to write and to make sense of it all.