Life’s Basics

Tonight after I went to the Open Arts Cafe and saw new work by new artists, I had a discussion on the platform of the Marble Arch Tube Station about life’s necessities.

When I changed onto the Jubilee line, I sat in my seat trying to think whilst dodging the heavy petting of the couple on my right. Stripped to the bare bones, what do I need to enjoy life?

I came up with the following non-hierarchical list:
A Sense of Humour

Walking to the flat and passing several couples hand in hand,( one in an alleyway; how old are we people?! ) I realised that though you are able to live without any of the above on a (very) short-term period, the basic need(s) that you are deprived off suddenly become more pressing…

So after I drank a glass of water, ate a banana, brushed my teeth and washed my face to get ready for bed I thought:

Well, at least today I laughed.

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