Things a woman shouldn’t wear

…because it is just unnecessary:

Hair in two pigtails, or plaits ( not cute after your 12)
Leggings without something to cover bum and thighs ( unless you are 6ft and skinny)
Schoolgirl skirt with white blouse
Platform trainers
Triangle bikini if you have more than an A-cup, really doesn’t help anyone
String bikini full stop
A Bright Pink Merengue Weddingdress ( you know who you are Jordan!)
Orange tan
Cake on foundation / Make up that hides your face
Thong peeping out of jeans

Jeans with elastic waists under the age of 50 (unless you are pregnant)
PVC dress/suit ( and I’m not talking the chemical protection ones- though they aren’t great either) outside of extra curricular activities

Pfff so many wrongs in the world…. 

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