Shapes of thoughts

When the dark sets in and the world goes quiet, or at least as dark and quiet as it is possible in London, my thoughts seem to run wild: there is a reason why most of these entries are written late in the evening.

I am not a night person: I prefer the mornings, I can even deal with early starts. Yet lately the night and the dark seem to create a false sense of alone and safety in which the majority of my unvoiced thoughts dare to come out.

Some are reflections on the day gone by, some are wishes for tomorrow. Some are dark and worrying, others are optimistic and ambitious. Some evenings there are none, but more often the thoughts arrive randomly mixed in groups, playing on different emotions.

Tonight I enjoy their company as they inspire me to write while I also realise they keep me from reading (or sleeping for that matter.) Still I wouldn’t want to silence them for the peace of sleep, because as some thoughts move into my dreams, some dreams are made into plans, some plans are put into actions and some actions shape reality.

Life might be lived mostly during the day, but it is often created when the dark sets in…

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