Ten Things I learned today

  1. Three cups of coffee in two hours make me buzz.
  2. The information lady in Selfridges was so good at her job that whilst serving me, she kept apologising for the wait to the queue behind me. Customer service yes please, preferably to the one you are actually serving.
  3. There are 60 kcal in a Cadbury Caramel Bite, with 1.8g saturated fat, which is 9% of your GDA. Which means you can eat ten.
  4. Even the boys who seem nice can be mean. Don’t be fooled by awkward dress-sense .
  5. People are still surprised and upset by Britney’s lipsynching: is this still news anno 2009?
  6. It is time to buy shares in the New Covent Garden Food Co, as everyone at work eats their soups and they even have a cookery book.
  7. If you leave the boiler dial to the left instead of all the way to the right, your shower doesn’t heat up.
  8. Sometimes it is good to think ahead and pre-order that gift.
  9. Good reviews don’t necessarily make a good film; Bright Star the longest two hours of your life. Art is subjective: when Keats finally died my friend sighed ‘Thank God!’ as the person behind us burst into tears. Oh dear.
  10. Only People.com can compare Taylor Lautner confessing he likes an older woman ( Jessica Alba, 28) with Russell ‘Triple Shagger of the Year’ Brand in a Naughty/Nice poll. Please.
  11. Extra after I googled picture: Taylor is a sixteen-yr old with a six pack. Not beer. If I were his mother I’d be worried.  Especially for Laura, please compare notes below:

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