Hard Man

We’re watching Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Vinnie Jones.
It is fascinating to see this man-to-man conversation:

A weird sense of humour where it seems hilarious that Vinnie grabs somebody’s balls. ( As in testicles, not football plural.) Vinnie biting someone’s nose until it bleeds, is just a joke gone wrong. When he couldn’t see a way out of a crisis in his life – he just took a gun and went to the woods. Really.

He really isn’t looking for trouble, he just seems to walk into it. He got glassed by a big fella, then when he got carried out the big fella got in the way Vinnie threw him some punches.

One of his mates explains: LA can bring the worst out of people, but Vinnie is still as good as gold…

A window, an interview with man about his life to explain that he is not so tough or just misunderstood?

Whatever the reason, it seemed to have captured me and it leaves me flummoxed about this philosophy of life.

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