Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie

This film is beautiful and touching, a true masterpiece, see this if you can. Centered around a family, a normal family ( ok,ok with extremely good-looking children, but hey cinema if anything should be visually pleasing) with its up and downs.

Everyone in the family gets highlighted, followed on an a day on which life changes. Changes not instigated by massive drama, alien abductions or drugs abuse necessarily but just through what every single character comes across on their way in life. It is touching because it is so recognisable. Every situation is imaginable, real. The situations that occur and their consequences for the each family member are subtly played out.  All members of this family are just going through life, all with their own believes and own ways to deal with life. It shows how family interweaves these different ways and how it connects people despite their differences. The art of this film is in the balance of dramatic and comic moments, in subtlety of situations and relations; we all know that family has the most complicated relationships in our lives.

Because the days that were portrayed were spread over 12 years, you could get ‘the bigger picture’: incidents which happened in the past, still influence current decisions. Instead of depressing, it is somehow re-assuring to see the connection between different days on a time-line. It reassured me at least, that every day (good or bad) will one day turn out to be a just small piece of the puzzle.

The cast – told you, beautiful people portraying ordinary lives

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