Epitome of cool: my sister- an introduction

When it came to dividing the coolness gene, my parents held back on me. I am the proto-type ( Daughter v1.1) and my younger sister is pretty much how they meant it to be: Daughter.final – installed with Coolness application. 

I shall describe to you how cool my sister is. Though really, you’d have to meet her. Even in secondary school I was completely upstaged the day she came walking in. I was 14, she just turned 12 and my friends took one look at her and were: ‘That’s Clarissa’s really cool sister.’ I kid you not. It happened. Her coolness oozed from her walk: imagine John Travolta in the late 70s before he lost his neck. When I asked her about it, she just shrugged and said in perfect American English ( SHE WAS 12!): ‘It’s not an attitude…it’s a lifestyle’

She is incredible; way ahead of time, of any craze. I sometimes wonder if she invents them. Don’t follow the crowds people, follow her if you want to know what’s going on. Her music collection is a work of art in itself, from big names to small bands who (inevitably) will be big names. Once the illustrous meet the light though, she gets less interested and moves on to another project. She used to go through crazy phases like only eating banana’s or crackers or soup. She doesn’t eat bread because she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t do mornings, but still managed to join the rowing team at uni; getting up 6am for training everyday despite her being as tall as the short lady who just shouts all the time. She trained herself into muscle, I’d look at her and think: Man if only I did excercise, that’s what I’d look like.

She is clever, has just finished a post-grad degree in Forensic Anthropology ( YES CSI! Haha she hates that… She buried dead animals for her degree, I followed my hand with my breath for mine) and got herself a tattoo on her foot. Not just a tattoo, a classy tattoo: it makes all the difference.

When she danced on my cousin’s wedding I realised it was the first time I had seen her dance. ( Apart from our coffeemug shuffle which we sometimes did in our livingroom in the morning. She has also been consuming black coffee on dripfeed since the age of 14) Anyway the way she moved was understated and confident and…cool.

Later that evening when a very drunk friend of my cousin’s came to introduce himself to me, she turned into the best wingwoman one can have in those situations. She chatted with his mate but kept an eye on the situation. She doesn’t talk about men in her life, but I have this feeling there might be. She is pretty, confident and free-spirited.(though anyone who breaks her heart will have his balls surgically removed with a teaspoon.)

Once she used to play in a band obviously. She taught herself the guitar ( I remember her with headphones on listening to a song over and over again for a weekend and then go: Hey listen to this… and played me the entire solo of Stairway to Heaven.) When the band needed a singer, she taught herself the bass and sang. But when they hired a singer, she was happy to just be the lead guitar and do some background vocals. See she has amazing strong points; she is clever, skilled and funny and doesn’t seem to have the need to show off. She just shows it.

Her coolness balances my hot-headedness and one day she will win the Nobelprize for the sheer amount of lives she has saved. If I am the loud one trying so hard to prove myself to a world that doesn’t care, she is the quiet one who has already achieved greatness by just being.

In 14 days when I get of a 5 hour trainride and she walks towards me with the now legendary Travolta walk at the station, I will only be able to beam. Look at her, can you see her? That’s my sister.

I cannot wait.

4 thoughts on “Epitome of cool: my sister- an introduction

  1. Thanks Kelli 🙂 Glad you liked it. Yes I wouldn't want to swap her for the world. (Though when she initially arrived this was different… she has since stopped crying when she sees me though – which helps.)x

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