Self-Indulgent Sunday

  1. Lie-in in a double bed, listening to the rain.
  2. 2 paracetamol – either a strain headache as I need to go to the opticians or beer consumption last night.
  3. Several cups of tea.
  4. Another snooze.
  5. Call to v cool sister to tell her I am looking forward to seeing her Friday.
  6. Cinema by oneself. Law Abiding Citizen – no Oscar winner but Jamie and Gerard are hot. The shaky script and litres of blood are forgiven because of the inexplicable strip-scene. Does it makes sense? No, but it makes for a great Sunday.
  7. Home made lasagna.
  8. A little Facebook.
  9. Watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona on the sofa, underneath a blanket. Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall are portraying annoying Americans but Javier and Penelope make it all worth it.
  10. Chocolate in the form of cake and an early Terry’s Orange with volcano popping candy.
  11. Writing a blog entry full of ideas about happiness and laced with Sartre, only to decide after 3 hours to not publish it: let’s not spoil the gorgeousness of a lovely Sunday.

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