15 Bad Ideas that seemed Good at the time.

  1. I know a short-cut  (also in ‘Famous Last Words’)
  2. This smells a bit funny… but I’m sure you can still eat it. (idem)
  3. Ryan Air has really cheap flights!
  4. Be creative! (to hairdresser)
  5. She won’t notice if I borrow her really expensive cardigan/car/boyfriend.
  6. Recession-proof DIY bikini wax
  7. Why don’t I cook Christmas lunch this year (said in June)
  8. Of course you can stay at mine.
  9. One more glass then.
  10. Wait, I can explain. Just let me put these golfclubs down…
  11. Tell me, what is it that you do again?
  12. Call me any time.
  13. Boob jobs seem to be really cheap in Uzbekistan.
  14. I’m sure she is on the Pill
  15. If I take the 8am train I will get to Edinburgh by mid-day….

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