Multi tasking

As I am writing this, I have put on Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona in the background. Or foreground as I am still glancing at the tv screen now and then.  Next to me is a bowl of pasta and chicken, a dinner quickly prepared out of whatever was left in the fridge. I have opened a bottle of Bud in an attempt to relax.

It is not working.

I still got some Christmas presents to buy (like anyone else who hasn’t set up a militairy operation by November the 1st), I still got a theatre project to finish and send off, which would include writing another 15minutes and perhaps even write another song fill in the forms, burn the DVD and nothing is flowing. I can feel myself getting more and more sucked into the film – No I must resist!

I had planned this evening to be enjoyable, but I am fighting with the internet connection and trying to think how I am going to fit everything in. I also bought a magazine, optimistically, and I can feel myself getting tired. Still I am trying to keep my brain going though, it is not allowed to give in just yet.

Because tonight I’d rather deal with all of the above and wrestle a small alligator, then having to actively deal with the decaying dregs of a love long gone.

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