1. Dream, think, be.
  2. Be brave – not stupid.
  3. Friends you don’t speak to every day are still great.
  4. Flirt – note: this list is in no particular order.
  5. Eat and enjoy it.
  6. Sleep and enjoy it.
  7. Make peace with your mistakes – don’t make them a double burden.
  8. Parents are human.
  9. It is ok to change your mind.
  10. Get up, dress up, show up – or at least attempt to get up.
  11. Cry if you want to. Be it in public, in bed, in the shower…
  12. Make decisions – no one will do it for you and time won’t wait.
  13. Work hard for what you want.
  14. Remember what your friends are allergic to.
  15. Stop worrying about worrying about worrying about…Breathe.
  16. Give yourself credit – only your mum will do it and you won’t believe her.
  17. Run away if you need to, just don’t pretend to travel.
  18. Take care of your body – bodylotion, gym, haircuts it is all because you worth it.
  19. Grow a spine and walk tall – even if it is only 4ft2.
  20. Four things to take travelling: phone, passport, money, map of place you are visiting.
  21. Don’t eat fish that actually smells like fish.
  22. Don’t be afraid to love someone – no matter what other people tell you.
  23. Dare to say yes and learn to say no – the trick is knowing when to choose what.
  24. Tequila is evil.
  25. If you are flying solo, at least you are still flying free.

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