Ms Sarandon

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have split after a relationship of twenty years. Apparently they managed to keep this from the press for a couple of months as her spokesperson has released a statement that indicated that the event had happened this summer. The article on the BBC website then sums up the places where Susan Sarandon has recently been over the last few months, I’m sure to bulk out the story but it is almost written with a certain surprise. It really sounds like: despite her separation being mere months ago Susan has still been promoting her film in London and has accepted an award for her work in Sweden. For Pete’s sake, the woman has gone through a break-up, she hasn’t had a lobotomy or a quadruple limb amputation!

Let’s look at this lady: Susan had been married before and was a divorcee by 33. She met Tim when she was 40, he was 12 years younger, that is ladies and gentlemen who are mathematically challenged: 28. Pause for silent admiration. They never married but had two children together and became two of the most political actors in Hollywood; a place where people perhaps aren’t necessarily judged on their thinking ability. Now they’ve split up though, I am somehow not surprised that Susan still managed to make it to the office.

She has always shown her spirit, showing us that age really is just a number.  I like to think life is makeable, workable and enjoyable. Plus who knows, the father of my children might be out there, currently aged 13! Eeks!

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