In the midst of the Is Sherlock Gay or Not ( Really does anyone care?) I was reminded of the buzz about Robert 

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Downey Jr that went through the office before the film opened. Who was this man and could we make passionate love, have his offspring, raise a family, grow old and die in his arms of happiness; if not we still would. ( Ah yes, I work in a female environment – though I am sure some of the boys would too. Think about it Ms Plunket! Also think someone might be winding you up…) 

Robert Downey Jr. He is seen as a little bit of gentleman rough, apparently a feat appealing to all ages.  Luckily having a sister who is on the ball waaaaaay before anyone else is ( see previous post), I was introduced to Bob years ago.  My sister used to follow the cult-hit lawyer show Ally McBeal; it was genius and insane. The dialogue in the unisex toilets, the impromptu dance routines and the sing alongs during post-work drinks.  In the series Robert played Larry, Ally’s love interests.  On this show Robert showed his skills as an actor and as a singer/ musician ( mostly exhibited during the post-work drinks; duet with Sting anyone? and one schmaltzy Christmas episode. Years later he has even made an album The Futurist filled with jazz like songs which I would highly recommend.) 

My personal favourite  is Robert as Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenboroughs Chaplin (1992) His physicality is stunning, especially considering what he had to live up to.  it got him a well deserved Oscar nomination, unfortunately followed by the inevitable years of shite. You know I mean, well chosen roles in quirky/edgy/fringe films or such in order to step away from the soul destructing capitalism that is Hollywood… I actually prefer him selling his soul: Ally was great, Iron Man  was a hit, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was actually quite amusing and Tropic Thunder was… well different but got him his second Oscar nomination now resulting in bigger and better roles. Again consider what he had to work with: as a Caucasian he played a black man! Unthinkable in our world of PC ( not Mac – joke) let alone in America where people are sueing the likes of God. Why? Surely God might be a little bit too busy to show in court… 

Despite all his achievements, Robert has proven he wasn’t God or too busy (shamelessly contrived bridge- apologies to reader) During his Ally years he also saw the courtroom from the wrong side. He was arrested a couple of times on drug charges and consequently imprisoned for it.  I remember feeling sad seeing the tv images of him standing in an orange overall and shackled – not in a good way…  

Still: the rough edge of the artiste! So wrong and yet according to unofficial popular office poll, so right! Is he a complicated man or just a thesp with a knack for addication- who knows, who cares.  His demons are for his wife to worry about ( Sorry Mrs Downey Jr- I sure hope you know what you signed up for)  for the rest of us; we can but hope that the mainstream devil’s got him by the throat.

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