The 100ml rule

This weekend was spend in bonny Scotland, hence my absence from the blog. This absence could have been prolonged if my friend Sura had managed to get herself arrested. It had all started so well…

At the end of last year Sura and me actually planned ahead and booked tickets to see our lovely friend B. We had decided to fly as a 5 hour trainride seemed a bit of a challenge. This would turn out to be a bit of a saving grace with all the snow, even the fact that we flew to Prestwick which isn’t even near Glasgow turned out lucky as all other flights to Scotland were cancelled. So far so good.

As it was just an hour flight and we were just staying for a long weekend, we decided to only take handluggage and save ourselves the £20 that bloody Ryanair seems to charge for every bag you check in. It was going so smoothly: what could possibly go wrong?  Ah. Now.

Let’s put it this way:

Since 9/11 we have had to deal with the 100ml rule: you are only allowed to take 100ml of fluids in containers  which you need to carry in a clear plastic bag.  Sura has a half-full 200ml bottle of make-up remover and takes this to the security check.  Spot the mistake.

Funnily enough she was allowed to decant the branded make-up remover in a clear 100ml bottle and take the 200ml bottle with her. This obviously doesn’t make sense but as we were expected on the other side of the flight this was not followed up upon until…the flight back.

So now as part of an experiment, she tries half filled 200ml bottle  again, no she is not allowed to take it: she has to decant it. Sura does this with glee in front of the man and this is the point where I can smell what is coming. Because she is again allowed to take the empty original bottle, so she takes it to the other side of the scanner and starts to re-fill the 200ml bottle. Now, this is Prestwick – I hadn’t heard of it either – on a Monday night 10pm. We are the only ones going through security. My friend is blond, Caucasian and beautiful. Yet the female officer isn’t having it: Sura is not allowed to decant it back because this would be a security risk. The man who initially let her through is now backtracking, claiming she wasn’t allowed to take  the 200ml empty bottle even though he was happy to let her through 60 sec ago. Everyone is outraged, does she know what damage it could do to a plane? Erhm make-up remover? No never really thought about it, could they explain? That was not the point!  What if everyone did the same thing and took 10oml of make-up remover in a 200ml container? She could mix it with anything in that 200ml container, god she should really hand it in…. Lalalaaa…. After a couple of minutes of utter inadequacy security side who didn’t even confiscate the potentially dangerous liquid, Sura relents and starts to slowly pour everything back into the 100ml container…The female officer even brings some tissue as she is spilling a few drops on the side. I can see the glint in her eye, I tell you she has a strange sense of humour.

We walk through security with unlabeled clear liquid in our clear bag and spot all kinds of ‘containers’ we can buy tax free to mix and match any dangerous chemicals in. From drinks to cosmetics, all these things we can pour down the toilet ( or drink so not to waste anything), pour our unlabled 100ml liquid in – of which we can take up to 10 bottles of that will make 1l ladies and gentlemen and take on our flight.

Sura was still muttering away as we sat down in the departure lounge and she opened her handluggage to put away the clear plastic bag. There, on top of her folded clothes, lay the actually accidently forgotten bottle of cough syrup – arguably the most chemical liquid we had between us- in an opened bottle of 120ml.

Safety first kids.

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