Evolution from Metrosexual to Alpha Male

Personally I like to think I have high acceptance levels of metrosexuality, though arguably by phrasing it this way I do sound slightly metrophobic. You know in similar vein to ‘ Oh no, but I do have friends who are homosexuals/black/jewish.’  after blatant discriminating attack on chosen minority.

This is meant ironically

The proof lies very much in the men I have had crushes on, dated  and/or have had relationships with, they usually tick the three C’s: Clever, Charming and ever so slightly Camp. Especially the latter makes it fine line to tread, I am very much aware!

From  body insecurities to vanity, special diets,  moisturisers, bitchiness, 3 colour mix hairdye appointments and bromances – I have pretty much dealt with it all. I have dried tears over disappointments with other girls (I know! I am aware now… though there was one case where I dried tears over disappointment in a guy…), assured and reassured  men on sizes of all kinds of bodyparts, including tummies and legs, and admired new clothing purchases with a very stylish cut and extortionate price-tags.

Some guy said that these days, ultimate metrosexuality means being comfortable with being chatted up by men who buy you drinks- even though you are straight. Non-conventional but I could still see the logic in this statement…

Still I wondered if I would ever draw the line somewhere and if so where that line would be. I walked into my line, this afternoon on my way to the Tube station: Man in Leggings. Unnecessary.

Even a female over the age of 10 will find it hard to pull off leggings, especially without anything over it. This man had a long kind of jacket over it – still I said: No. God the thought of everything ‘down there’ wrapped in Lycra and exposed to the world as soon as the jacket would come off was just a little nauseating.

It made me realise that perhaps for my next step, the transitional man, I should search out side the box a bit: so any low maintenance 6ft alpha-male without  body hang ups, please feel free to apply!

Hail Alpha Male
Bring out the guns.

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