Tonight, as I was walking to the cinema to meet a  friend and George Clooney I was contemplating my recent spectacular fall in faith. Let me be clear I am of no special denomination, in fact I am of no religious demonisation denomination at all. I guess I grew up with friends and family who were/are Catholic but religion never played an enormous part in my life.

Faith or believe did, but more in the way of self-believe and fate: I used to believe that I could get myself to my destiny, whatever that might be. Actually I believed that what I believed would just become my destiny.

So after a few minor set backs which eventually led to my major meltdown in this area, I was quietly contemplating events as I walked across the bridge. When I saw the lit-up cross on the boat that functions as a church here in the docks, I thought about how I could  regain my (self)believe.

I was still in thought when I passed two men talking and I just caught  a snippet of their conversation. Just as they walked past me, I heard one of them say two words: Don’t Doubt.

I just had to smile to myself and thought : Well, I guess that is a start!

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