Glee: jury’s still out.

Ok, I’ll admit: tonight I have given in. After all the talk in the office and excitement on the internet my curiosity took the better of me. Verdict: still unsure. Yes! It is a surprise, because I am supposed to love it. Cynical American humour, jazz hands at the ready, clever scriptwriting: I should love it.  People love it, because it is recognisable: characatures of the people who you went to school with and silently hoping to see little bits of your (old) self.

That part is great, I liked it and  THEN: they slipped in the non-ironic:

 ‘Would you rather live life for money? or Would you rather live life for passion?’ 

 Oooh isn’t that clever, because we should all feel a fuzzy warmth: Passion of course! We all want to live for passion!

Don’t get me wrong: I hold passion in high esteem. In fact I was the one who once shouted : There is no passion in the cake – with the result that no one dared to touch it. So yes I am in Team Passion. Absolutely.

But passion has yet to pay the bills.

There you go: back out  in the cold.

So turn the heating up and set up a direct debit to British Gas.

PS: Episode Two is already getting better. To Be Continued.

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