Love for Food

This afternoon I saw another great example of food and love: Nancy Meyer’s It’s Complicated.

Yes, it is about a divorced couple having an affair ten years later and a naked Alec Baldwin might actually take a little appetite away ( Sorry Alec.) but it is also about love and… the food!

From fresh chocolate croissants, to roast chicken and mash potatoes and chocolate fudge cake, it all looks great. The vegetable patch with perfect tomatoes, the glasses with red wine…

It completes the picture, Meryl Streep as a fifty-something divorcee with three gorgeous children, a great career and amazing ‘girl friends’ or is that woman-friends, her life is a pretty picture ( apart from the teeny-tiny issue of having an affair with her ex.)  She looks healthy, beautiful and she has a healthy relationship with food.

I loved it.

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