Hear us roar!

It is Valentine’s Day 2010. I’m single, my male friends have decided to go all gay on me if I were to believe the status updates on Facebook. (Guys, it is hard enough as it is without you all switching alliances.)

So let’s touch upon, just for a second,  the not-so-good movie they made for today. Realising I am bitter and twisted and a rapidly shrinking creative soul, but how on earth did they get such an A-list cast together with that script?  I understand from both the Taylor’s (Swift and Lautner) point of few,  maybe even Bradley Cooper who is just churning them out at the moment, any press is good press, but  you Julia…and Shirley? What were you thinking! 

Things haven’t looked this depressing since finding out that the voice-over of another really bad movie 10.000 BC was actually Omar Sharif. ( Or on another level, Gerard Butler surrounded by really bad CGI flames in Law Abiding Citizen though that inexplicable strip-scene does even that out or that classic Pierce Brosnan moment when he starts to sing in Mama Mia.) It is all show business I’m sure, because I have this feeling they all got paid enough to do it.  Bitter twisted and single, what can one do than to ignore today and look forward to the rest of the year?

Luckily for us: THE GOLDEN TIGER HAS COMETH! YAY!  I am very excited, 2009 has been hard for most of us and the year of the tiger,  will bring us change and activity. Don’t fear, but do hold on to your hats boys and girls!

I believe it is time to show the tiger your teeth, display some courage it symbolises and by the time the more peaceful Year of the Rabbit comes around – who knows what Valentine’s day 2011 looks like!

Let’s all take heart and be excited: bon courage mes amis! x

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