The Uni-Girls

This weekend I went to Bristol for a baby-shower (Oh.God. Sooo American. Yes but we loved it anyway…) For the first time in absolute ages, all the girls were there.  What’s so great about this group of friends is that we rarely see each other as a group, once/twice/three times a year, maybe. We are apparently even really bad at keeping in touch with each other in between those times (I thought it was just me, turns out life gets in the way for other people too!) But when we are together, it is just great!

We met eight years ago at uni, doing the same course or kind of , sharing modules in that major/minor kind of way.  All very different, we all had very different uni experiences. We did do a couple of projects together, in all kinds of combinations and for some reason we stuck. I cannot really describe what a mixed bag we are. Time has not made us grow more alike either: three of us got married, of which one  to a woman and she’s gone back to uni to do another degree, one couple is now expecting their first baby and one is working and doing a part-time Master degree(How? When?); one of us has shown her true strenght through some tough times and managed to pick up a toy-boy along the way (“Did you say 16?!”- joke) ; one is not only drop-dead gorgeous (yeah, life’s a bitch when she turned out to be nice as well!) but also busy at her job and 24/7 on call; and last but not least one is working her way into the arts as a succesful freelancer, teacher and student at the same time. Oh and then there is me.

During out get-to-gethers we try to catch up with eachother (“So…what have you been doing for the last erhm four months!”) but at least we always have something to tell each other! I also think it is nice to have conversation with people who are that different to you. They can give you different opinions, different perspectives  on things that happen in your life and even though we might not always agree with each other I value the conversation because of who the opinions come from.

Because at the root of it all, what binds us as a group is one simple fact: we care about each other.  So even when discussions get heated or well meant advice clashes, I’m just happy that we can. I am happy that they all care enough and trust  enough to offer opinions to help get the best out of our lives and without the fear of being judged.

Haha, ok judging is hard to resist when you haven’t got the same opinion I’ll admit. But the years have taken the sharp edges of me and I believe that opinions and views are shaped by the experiences we have. So with these six different lives, you are bound to get six different views on it! 

If you would have told me eight years ago that us six would still stay in touch I really wouldn’t have believed you.

Yet there you go it happened anyway and I am very glad we did!

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