48 hours in Edinburgh – The Deleted scenes

Day 1 time 18:00 Famous last words. We meet colleague’s brother for a quick dinner. His intention to go ‘straight home after dinner’ morphes over 45 min into ‘a quick drink with friend after dinner’ to’ meet you guys after drink with friend’ to  our ‘hey why don’t you try and see if you can join us’ to ‘where are we going next?’  – cue 2am.

Day 1 time 19:15 Whisky. Never my favourite I now discover new scents  in this liquor. The first dram burns your throat but you can ease into it. The second taster smells gorgeous: cherry,chocolate, almonds – what a disappointment when the taste is smokey and oakey and generally gives you the feeling you have just been licking an ashtray of expensive cigars. On the upside, this makes the first dram taste delicious!

Day 1 time 20:30 As part of the ghost trip we sample Electronic Voice Recording or trying to get in touch with the dead. We ask questions to a dictaphone, stay very quiet and listen to the ‘answers’ in slowed down white noise. Perhaps a case of group influence but when we ask the question With how many are you here? we think we hear a screaming GET OUT! *gulp* An enthusiastic Mr Guide happily hands the dictaphone back to the group: ‘ That’s great!…Anyone else a question?’

Day1 time 21:00 A seance with Alexander the Ghost. He taps twice when we ask him to. I am impressed. Colleague asks for Lex to prove his existence by putting his hand on someone’s shoulder. Though we all have our eyes closed I can hear the circle think: ‘Oh No! Bloody Stitch Up!’

Day 1 time 21:30 One journalist lady has actually fainted in the room.

Day 1 time 22:30 enter folk-pub and my  introduction to OVD rum: we get along very well. Colleague shows multi talent and sings a song. Also points out in v crude manner I am the only girl in the room.  His brother tells me a funny anecdote about having Chinese ancestors and will refer to him (Scottish/Caucasian)and me (Dutch/Oriental) as ‘We Chinese’ for the rest of evening.

Day 2 time 0:15 Good time to go; a skinny 4ft albino Bongo player has also noticed the only girl in the room.

Day 2 time 0:30 New Live Music pub, more OVD. Am impressed by my own stamina though feel the evening is coming to an end. Musician is belting out Johnny Cash classics and whilst one person of my company is concentrating on the music, the other one describes me the difference between Dutch and Danish girls. It has something to do with… no sorry I even have to censor this from the deleted scenes – my parents read this – and I made a pact with the source so I would have to kill you.

Day 2 time 2:00 Having a bath in stupendeous luxury bathroom. Just because I can.

Day 2 time 2:30 Texting my sister to arrange meeting in the morning, to my surprise she immediately replies.

Day 2 time 9:00 Giddy with lack of sleep and alcohol residu I meet colleague for breakfast. He is not a happy bunny.

Day 2 time 10:00: Hear the immortal words ‘ I have had a headache but not a hangover’ to which the rest of the group in chorus replies ‘That IS a hangover.’

Day 2 time 11:00 Sister, two paracetamol and I are on ghost tour.

Day 2 time 15:00 Cinema is the only answer. Alice 3D is the only answer. After Tim Burton’s Masterpiece, we get handed free sample of new gum. Or so we think: before we know it we have agreed to have our picture taken for the website. When did that happen? My sister looks radiant and pretty, me not so much.

Day 3 – that is right. We start day 3. Productive day not that many deleted scenes

Day 3 time 19:00 End of productive day. Drink and spotting V-neck jumper. On man with hat. Who probably shouldn’t have to wear the hat if he was wearing something underneath V-neck jumper. Silly man. V-Silly man.

Day 3 time 19:30 Time for Space Noodles – the Seattle Space Needle equivalent of shape pasta. It’s exciting.

Day 4 time 13:00 Trying to get brunch but are getting slowest service in the world. Decide to delete possible entry in article for lack of service. Ha! Still tip because I couldn’t work the card machine and the waitress was standing next to me after hours of absence.

Day 4 time 13:30 Waiting at the Airport, listening to Tapestry by Carole King, gift from v cool sister. Feel a little bit cool too and Home Again reminds me to actually contact friends. So I fill my time with text message marathon.

Day 4 time 19:30 Finally walking home through cold. Seeing the lights of my flat again, I realise the weekend has come to an end. So I take heart, listening to Carole’s words: 

And maybe tomorrow, I’ll find my way
To the land where the honey runs in rivers each day
And the sweet tasting good life is so easily found, yes it is

Way over yonder, that’s where I’m
That’s where I’m bound, talkin’ about, talkin’ about
Way over yonder, that’s where I’m bound

Bring on Monday morning.

3 thoughts on “48 hours in Edinburgh – The Deleted scenes

  1. You forgot the best part: the Stone of Destiny keyring!

    Can you imagine anything more exciting than getting this on a keychain?

    1. I did forget! How could I: that piece of styrofoam dipped in silver paint, slung on a cheap chain, sold for a fiver. If only we thought of something that genius we would be millionaires!x

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