Troiseaux/ It’s the jazz

Last night I saw a one-woman musical mystery Troiseaux by the very talented Maya Levy. (generously assisted by director Seonaid Goody and dramaturge Emily Murphy) It was cleverly written and the songs brilliantly chosen. The story-line built up tension well and the sense of humour can only be described as on the edge of absurd! (Think a one-woman Alice in Wonderland like story but then more like a detective – with all the characters played by Maya) The story was told by Maya and interlaced with traditional songs as well as her own.

It was performed at the West London Synagogue and we were served a supper of hot soup and pies. The space in which we ate, had projections of the three birds of the play. (Trois being three and l’oiseau being bird, should any non-francophile enquire) It all made it very much part of the performance. To my delight the performance space had changed  in our absence, adding to the Wonderland feel as we watched the rest of the performance from another angle. For those who were invited but missed it: next time I really do suggest you get your RSVP in asap!

Afterwards in the pub, I was flattered by the question when my next project was going to be… Not even considering myself in the same league (Let’s face it: Maya is classically trained in music and I am an autodidact 3 chord guitar wannabe) but yes perhaps something might have been set in motion. I don’t know how to describe it and I cannot give you a timeline on whatever it is that is happening.  Something is happening though… Like… Like…  

Remember when John ‘Hannibal’ Smith walks away from a blown-up shed with a massive grin on his face and the pretty lady with massive Eighties hair and high-waisted jeans that only she can make look good, asks why he is smiling? The feeling can only be described as the answer that BA or Face inevitably gives: It’s the Jazz, man. It’s the Jazz!

To be continued…

Smoking kills

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