The Law of Sod

Even when I graduated secondary school one of my teachers wrote in my yearbook:  Great preparation isn’t everything…but it sure helps! This to illustrate my need to have things organised.

To be honest: it can go two extremes. Either I just go on a whim and forget that I cannot read Hebrew when I find myself suddenly on an impulsive trip to Israel. (Which taught me that in any case, you should probably find a map of where you are heading and find out what currency they pay in.) Or I’d like to know what I am doing, especially when travelling with other people.

Yes to put it more bluntly in group travel situations I am a control freak; but I can almost guarantee you that you will never be late. You might be early…but you will almost never be late.  I don’t run for the train out of principle, so I make sure that I am on time. The only time I had to run for a train was when I was with other people. ‘Other people’ they complicate smooth journeys sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong I love being with other people, I can do group holidays; it’s nicer even to share moments of beauty with others. It really is the getting from A to B travel, that gets me. The practical kind that has to be done to get anywhere (from A to B to be exact.) I hate the situations where someone goes; What shall we do? Shall we stop for lunch? and everyone goes ‘ erh I don’t know..’ or ‘ Erhm, I don’t mind, what do you want to do?’ This is not efficient conversation, someone asks a question and it gets bounced back to them. Usually they will answer something like: ‘ Oh I really don’t mind, it is up to you guys.’ And then it’s quiet. Nothing has been achieved. Then it is often me that goes: Yes let’s stop for lunch. Usually because I am hungry or because if someone asks whether the group wants to stop for lunch, they are basically saying they are hungry. (Unless they state they aren’t: I’m not hungry but would anyone of you like to stop for lunch as I am happy to do so.) If the conversation then spirals into ‘ Where shall we go?’ ‘I really don’t mind’ ‘You choose’  I will also choose a place to eat: I get homocidal when I’m on a sugar low.

So group travel. This weekend we are going to a colleague’s wedding, so sorted out accommodation, coordinated how people get from their homes to mine (gathering place) so we can then all head off to lovely Chichester and the location in the middle of nowhere. The designated driver is also bringing the cupcakes for the wedding, (she had to drop off the first lot for the day guests to the people who were going to the whole thing and then take the rest down for the evening guests…)  so no pressure but we should probably try to make it on time.

I had printed a route from her place to the cupcake exchange location, from cupcake exchange location to mine. But it was ok, she said because she had a sat-nav, which would get us safely from London to Wedding location.

Excellent, made an itinary, made sure everyone had eachother’s mobile numbers, had a time plan with a little contingency should things go wrong. Happy Saturdays, all will go well.

Got a text this morning: It should be ok, but I cannot get the sat-nav to work…

(To be continued.)

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