The Law of Sod (2)

… Two hours later (a trip which could theoreticallt have taken 20min) the designated driver managed to find my place. Hoorah! The rest of the team showed up on time-ish, we had to make a quick dash to pick up last minute tights and wedding card but we were ready to go.

We get in the card and fellow passenger manages to find where the  sat-nav needs to be plugged into: Double hoorah! This is easy peasy! We get to the B&B on schedule, get changed and we are on our way. 7.15pm Team G is in, that is well acceptable timing when the reception starts at 7pm.  I can relax: Job done.

All is good, have a good time involving dancing, glowsticks and hats, and despite a tiny incident with a couple of misfits outside a kebab shop, (It was a guy thing, I didn’t get it) it was all good.

Sorry for the anti-climax folks, but it definitely made me happy.

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