What would be your Last Supper?

To stay in theme this week my question to you is: what would be your Last Supper?

It is mentioned that the most notorious Last supper included wine and bread, but I would really hope it would have included a little more  (Though if it was the Pesach meal, as suggested in some books, it would have been pretty set. )

A couple of days ago I read about a man saved from death row by a politician just after he had his last meal:

Two chicken thighs, a double bacon cheeseburger, fried catfish, onion rings, French fries, a salad with ranch dressing and a milkshake.

In calories that would probably feed a family of four (for three days) but good on him. It made me think about what I would eat for a last meal… The thing is that it wouldn’t be that simple as some of the most memorable meals I have had were memorable because of the company I was in and the place I was in:

Crayfish on a boat in New Guinea with my family of my Dad’s side, fresh beef and rice for breakfast with a host family in Cambodia outside of a temple with their four year old daughter playing on my lap, first breakfast of salmon and cucumber in September Paris with the guy who I was crazily in love with for months, a plate of spaghetti with oil, garlic and chillis in Guildford that nearly made me cry it was so amazing, my mother’s fried rice which she makes when she is in a rush but which I love, watermelon, pineapple, rambutan for breakfast on holidays, my grandmother’s fried bananas, pizza’s before cinema,  fried chicken eaten  in the garden with my sister and my cousins when we were children, sate on the bbq at family parties, Ben and Jerry’s icecream eaten out of a tub with friends on the sofa, Sundaes in New York,egg and chips for lunch in London, dim sum with family or friends, full English breakfast in Cornish hotels, bread, avocados and humus in Israel and bubblegum with someone who would become a great friend 12 hours later haha … the list goes on.

Make your last day just darling

Yes, my favourite foods  to choose from for my last supper are interlaced with memories of the people I was with; they would be my dinner guests (though no midnight strolls in gardens allowed), but when the night is over and all was nearly done – It was my last supper remember- I would hope everyone had had a nice time, wave them off and settle down by myself . I would put on a film, let’s make it Breakfast at Tiffany’s for now, open a last bottle and drink the glass of champagne  by myself like counting down to another birthday – it will be the best drink ever.

One thought on “What would be your Last Supper?

  1. For me, I think it would be Chicken Curry — my Mom’s, actually, even though the one I make myself is better. Food has such a powerful link to emotions, it’s hard to ignore.

    Anthony Bourdain’s written a lot about this phenomenon — how some of the world’s top chefs have quite simple requests for their last meal.

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