(Once more)Homeward Bound

…is my most quoted song whenever I return to the mothership like today on Good Friday.

The songs by Simon and Garfunkel have been a very quotable source for me, linked to particular emotions like home-sickness.

The Sound of Silence was played at my grandmother’s funeral for example, I sang a really slightly too high version (damn you Art!!) of Bridge over Troubled Water on a friend’s birthday in Germany once. Scarborough Fair was a favourite of our music teacher in secondary school who one day died suddenly of a heart-attack. And who doesn’t recognise the panflute version in herbal health treatment condos of El Condor Pasa – ah the inevitable panflute round in those pub-quizes.

When I joined the local choir (yes, small town activities guys, we didn’t have any gangs) we did an acappella version of the 59th  Street Bridge song (Feeling groovy... God I make myself out to be well cool here…)

My sister and I used to belt out Keeping the Customer Satisfied in the back of the car…and I’m sooohooohooohooo tired, just trying to keep the customer satisfiiiied. Luckily for my parents, we never went on long car journeys.

When I left for the UK, I think I left my oldest friend from school a note quoting Old Friends Imagine us sitting here years from today, sharing a park bench quietly, how terribly strange to be 70 (She is going to be 26 on Monday when I’m planning to pop by, so still awhile to go!)

Yet the lyrics that resonated the most through all the ups and downs which make my life are in that last verse of The Boxer… So whilst I’m contemplating to put those gloves back on, I will leave you tonight with this upbeat version of Cecilia:

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