Little things in Life (Karma)

I believe there are a lot of things over-rated in this world:

a formal education- useful but only to a certain point,

speaking more than one language – children usually don’t and they seem to get along with others,

money – again useful but will only get you to a certain point,

credit cards – idem

class – highly over rated as no one can define it,

saying sorry- over do it and it loses its power

being able to use the right cutlery – yeah…

dieting – more pain than gain

drugs – don’t do it kids, not big and not clever

family ties – it is hardly ever the blood that binds…

And there are quite a few things under-rated with my two favourites:

Common sense and common courtesy – Think for yourself before you ask and frequently use the words please and thank you.

You heard it here first folks – remember: Karma is a bitch!

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