Diet (r)evolution

Appreciating that a lot of my entries revolve around food, I just feel I have to comment on the ridiculous small amount of cereal that makes up a serving:


I challenge you to measure it and weigh it out: it will really be much much less than you want to eat in the morning! My cereal box claims to contain 12 portions.

Let's for a change all go where no woman has gone before.

Four days in, I have less than half a box left… No wonder that they claim they claim that having a bowl for breakfast and a bowl for lunch or dinner, in combination with healthy snacking on fruit and veg, will help you lose weight. Allthough they sneakily say on the website that you can up your portion size then (Why? Because otherwise you would starve.)

It suspiciously seems that they are saying: Eat less, eat healthier. I would even go as far as adding: move more. (wooohooo! I know: controversial.)

Hope you all appreciate that evolution of a healthy diet clearly never stops.

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