The Art of Making Lists

My lovely flatmate makes list. She makes lists so she can tick things off the list; then she picks the unticked things and put them on another list.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, there is a whole group of list makers out there! So many that they even wrote an article on the BBC website…

Apparently lists give a sense of achievement, of ordering chaos of control even etc. As frustrating as it sometimes is (at times we have a lot of lists hanging in our flat.) you kind of have to admit they work. Lists work exactly as described on the tin. Whether they increase productivity is another matter, but I can see how it can calm people down because have an overview and structure. Or it can trigger panic  when the list is so long, one doesn’t know where to start; or when obsessive compulsive disorder takes over and we have the order and re-arrange the list over and over again. Then it defies the point. Obviously.

I also know the opposite kind of people: the ones who write everything on scraps of paper and lose it. Some call it creative, I still think it’s undermines any efficiency. Creativity should not be used as a smoke screen under which to hide personal flaws: ” I cannot work my computer- I’m creative!”  or “I have no idea about my finances- I’m creative!”  Madonna is creative too

25 and on her way to become a music business genius - Fact.

 and I have this feeling she knows what she earns and what she spends.  (It can also get you into serious trouble – just ask Mr Wesley Snipes who tried to tell it to the judge.) Personally, I have no patience for the creative souls who have coping with the world issues- we all have issues, deal with it.

So not keen on lists, not keen on total chaos, I decided to try middle ground this week and compile a list after I have done things. Less stressful and still a sense of achievement.

Result. Tick!

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