If it ain’t Dutch…

…it ain’t much, as the well known proverb goes.

Today Holland House organised an event in Trafalgar Square and all the Dutch came out of the woodworks!  Basking in the sun, the tall the blonde and the not so tall or blonde united under the national colour: Orange. Ah yes, The  House of Orange – the monarchy, have given the Dutch the option of best national outfits .

Ah, it was a money making machine: free to get in then you get ripped off for Amstel beer (AMSTEL?! Why? I guess they sponsored it, I still went for the non- Dutch cider. Out of principle. I would even go as far as to apologise for Amstel…and this is why I am not a diplomat.)

There was chips with mayonaise, kroketten, poffertjes and hot-dog like things; there were the merchandise opportunities left right and centre…and we all suckered into it. Music was playing on stage, people were dancing around, people were meeting friends introducing the non-Dutch to the Dutch and where I would be mortified at home I happily went with it today.

What is a Dutch girl in London to do after a drink and some food? Have a nap in Hyde Park! We joined the rest of London in our T-Shirts and sunbathed. Apparently I nearly had a crust of bread thrown at me by a toddler until I was saved by his mum. I was blissfully unaware, asleep but it entertained my friends…

On the way back, we said hello to Lizzie in Buckingham Palace; she must have been out in the garden as she didn’t pick up the phone. We decided to go home instead, humming that tune…


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