This weekend I tried to put my feelers out to see what my friends would think about organising a surprise for another friend’s birthday. I am still not sure as I have had two reactions back. Well, no I had three, so I guess I’m sure. For those interested: one person was enthusiastic about the idea, the second was not, the third the majority was silent.

Ah. The second who was not enthusiastic kind of questioned the concept of giving a gift when the birthday is not really celebrated. 

Ah come on! Our friend had a crappy time, he probably doesn’t feel like celebrating. Doing things when they are not expected is what is called a surprise! Even though it is not being celebrated: it is still a birthday.( I like birthdays, when the birthdays stop that’s when the problems start. Or end I guess, just the way you look at it!) Plus maybe, just maybe, it might be nice to get something without having to actually have done something for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know: people are busy. They have more important things to do than just reply to e-mails with silly suggestions. Work takes up a lot of time, as does the sunshine in the weekend. I know I was out myself! It makes me wonder though: what if I just done something completely wrong.  I was not planning anything inappropriate I think, nor something outrageous. Just something fun to show appreciation and support and a little love. You’d be surprised that a little love can go a long way. 

Yes, can tell you I am still surprised after three days of silence.  

PS: Oh and if you read this birthday boy – I’m sorry…Surprise?!

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