..and you know Albert had a point when…

…you managed to get in a sneaky 30 min cardio session  and think about the day when:

… you find yourself packing your fitness gear at 7.45am because you actually enjoyed yesterday’s fitness hour and before you leave the house you remember to check whether you have your mobile with you – unlike yesterday when you forgot and had to go back.

…you manage to find fresh parsley to garnish fish on fish shoot with which will look better, also managed to find a very helpful guy in bakery called Daniel.

… you help somebody out by sending their products in the same van; they have a lot on their plate too.

…someone comes around with home-made quiches and cakes: hoorah! and it’s not even 11am yet.

…you  call 4 different stores of well-known supermarket, the fourth store calls you back and has the product you were looking for! They even offer to keep it back for you. 

…you offer to pick up some other products whilst you are going and colleague manages to print out one picture of the two products he would like you to get. two is not much and one picture helps.

…you travel down for 45 min, you can read a mag. The fish guy doesn’t know anything about the product in the back, sells you the only sample left but calls you over later: he has found it.

…you get back you find a half- opened printer with paper everywhere, screen flashing Paper Jam: at least someone made an effort to try and fix it.

…you actually still manage to get upset about this, hey at least you still care!. After you manage to solve the paper jam, you send out funny yet pressing e-mail, people  including management comment that you write  well and that you are funny. Thanks guys!

…you get an e-mail from IT that you have tried to send such a large attachment that you crashed the server.  Oops, well at least you fixed the printer, that must cancel that one out, right?

…you phone the photo studio to check whether they got your e-mail and the receptionist recognises your name as The Fish Lady. When you mention this to the photographer she gets in such a laughing fit, you cannot help but join in.

… all your plans to shoot off to the gym are blocked because you are waiting for the pictures to come in – still you manage to write a blog entry and a friend calls to see whether you are ok.

…you have just seen the shots and you know you will end up re-shooting them unless the powers that be actually like them. Which is possible. It could be done. There is still hope.

Roll on tomorrow.

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