You know it’s Not A Good Day When…

… you find yourself at 8am in a well-known supermarket looking for someone called Daniel in the bakery section. Failing to find Daniel you ask someone at the bakery counter who denies any existence of a Daniel. You turn around and bump straight into a lovely gentleman with a nametag: Daniel. Person denying Daniel and Daniel himself actually look each other in the eye: the cockrel crows and Peter walked off…

… you rush to get products to location to shoot beautiful life style shots of fish (which is why you had to pick up stuff in well-known supermarket), someone asks you whether he can send his stuff in the same van. You agree and he helps you to pack: meaning he puts his stuff in a box. That is so small only his stuff fits, he then helpfully hands it over to you: you have to repack it.

…Then someone changes their mind and you put the shoot on hold, and then someone changes their mind again and we are all Go Go Go Again. It’s not even 11am yet.

…you  have to call 4 different stores of well-known etc etc to try and find vital fish product that is missing. 

…you offer to pick up some other products whilst you are going and ask colleague to print out the pictures of products he needs, with name and price, so it is easier to find. He then proceeds to give you a print out with out a picture… and just the generic name of summer punch. Missing the point, yet summer punch being appropriate word to describe feeling.

…you manage to get product and ask for it to be put aside. When you have travelled down for 45 min, they have no idea what you are talking about. Great.

…when you get back you find a half- opened printer with paper everywhere, screen flashing Paper Jam and a whole office gently ignoring it. 

…you actually still manage to get upset about this and send out rant e-mail after you fixed the printer (just follow the instructions!) then getting comments from everyone including management that you write so well and that you are funny. Thanks guys! So tell me why am I still just clearing paperjams again?

…you get an e-mail from IT that you have tried to send such a large attachment that you crashed the server.

…you phone the photo studio to check whether they got your e-mail and the receptionist recognises your name as The Fish Lady.

… all your plans to shoot off to the gym are blocked because you are waiting for the pictures to come in – still you manage to write a blog entry: silver linings

…you have just seen the shots and you know you will end up re-shooting them because they look dire.

Roll on Friday.

One thought on “You know it’s Not A Good Day When…

  1. Lol…”Fish Lady”… I found this funny when I read it after getting off the phone from you, but had to comment because It still (sorry) makes me smile. That and crashing the server with a giant attachment – it all just sounds so vaguely familiar! or it could just be funny because I ate a cadburys cream egg tonight and a lot of things are funny.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day 🙂 xx

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