You know that moment that you have a choice on whether to ignore a situation or whether to act on it and see where it takes you?

The majority of the most exciting people I know will  chose to act on that moment. It might get them in unexpected predicaments but that is the fun of it all, the adventure! People used to tell me that things just happened to me: things never just happen to anyone. Opportunities or choices present themselves and you choose to say yes.

Yes is what sets the ball rolling, with No it stops. It gives you control over your life and don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is good to say No – like when you are offered tequila. Just say No. Then again, I only know that because I said Yes. What can I say: you live and learn.

A couple of months ago, I had a friend over who I hadn’t seen for awhile and after spending a day with a very grumpy version of myself she noted: Why don’t you try saying Yes And instead of Yes But? I could have strangled her (sorry Gem, if it makes any difference I obviously didn’t!) She was brimming with enthusiasm and thirst for adventure and I was going in circles in my head. Was she right? Of course she was bloody right. Only an Unapologetic Yes opens doors, Yes But doesn’t count; like anything before ..but… doesn’t count. (As in: I don’t want to be racist..but…[cue comment that would make Eugene T’B blush].)

Still even I acknowledge that through my most cautious phases I have always found it hard to resist certain temptations…well one to be more precise. In fact, my lovely flatmate accuses me of flirting with the barman before I have even entered the establishment. Not on purpose I promise… it just happens 😉

So when I received an unexpected e-mail this morning, it took me about 8 min before I knew I would respond…

To Be Continued ?

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