Ten Things My Mama* Taught Me

* and my dad ofcourse but it  just sounds better…

  1. Brush your teeth (she is a dentist)
  2. Learn to think for yourself
  3. Do what you think is right, no matter who might judge you for it
  4. Revising also burns calories
  5. Be nice to your sister
  6. Friendship is worth more than money – you’ll find out when you run out of either
  7. Don’t be afraid to leave a place in the world, you can always return
  8. Keep an eye on who makes the pictures when you go skinny-dipping (Farewell thought as she left me in seaside town in the UK!)
  9. Loved ones are only one phone-call away
  10. Don’t start a fight, but don’t ever be the victim: when someone hits you, make sure you hit him back harder

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