Blame It on the sunshine…

The morning started so well the sun was shining and the Play Centre was full of happy little faces. Some were looking at the newly hatched baby chicks and we had to supervise the petting (Don’t choke it darlin’!). Others were  playing outside and exploring new things like blossom falling from the trees with a gust of wind. So far, so poetic.

After we cleared up, we decided to go for a walk along the river as it was such a nice day.  We walked past London’s Oldest River side Pub in Wapping and decided to go in for one. Since this was all a very impromptu affair, we discovered we both didn’t have cash on us. Luckily we could pay by card but only from a certain sum… and this is when it happened. This is when the evil barman suggested: ” Why don’t you get a bottle?”

The sun was shining we sat out side had a chat, had some food, some more chat and somehow bottle number two appeared  at 3pm. When a long-lost friend texted he was in town, I decided to give him a call. He immediately started laughing when he heard my voice (nice, considering we haven’t spoken for over a year) and said he would call me back on Monday as I wouldn’t remember any arrangement we would make anyway! (Ha! Proved you wrong!)

So 4pm two bottles later, it was time to go home. We walked home in a very happy mood and passed a few very busy, lovely looking beergardens. What to do? It was time to call our friend Rachel,  conveniently christened God of Decision making  for the moment. The God of Decision Making said it was fine to sit down and enjoy the sun with a soft drink. This we did, sit down that it is: two Mojitos later it was really time to go home.

Via the supermarket, because we were hungry. Apparently staple diet was ready roast chicken, wedges, camembert and a guardian as in the newspaper. Ha! A-bomb bring it on, we could survive any war.

Maybe we sat through an episode of  Dorothy, maybe we ate the food and called the God of Decision Making one more time, maybe…

Did we have the best Saturday in a long  long time? Yes, Maybe, Definitely, Yes!

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