No Poor Man’s Sandra B.

Hereby I sincerely apologise to Reese Witherspoon my confessed girl-crush. No I haven’t found someone else, but I just have to dedicate this little entry to another woman.

I know. I am sorry. (Let’s be honest Reese, you haven’t been around lately now you are smooching with what’s his name Jim? I am sorry things didn’t work out between you and Jake. I think I understand the new, let’s stay away from the camera’s strategy…but what can I say: I miss you.)

Anyway, someone who stepped out today triumphantly was Sandra Bullock. She revealed in People magazine that she has adopted a child, something that was set in motion years before the other thing broke in the news. The other thing -for those living in a cave or with an actual life- being the alleged infidelities of her husband Jesse James.  Yes, when she had won an Oscar, adopted a child, the news broke that her husband had several affairs with other women.  Hello bombshell. Jesse called it poor judgement. I can think of another word or two.

Still A Winner


Sandra disappeared from the public eye for awhile until today. She’s back on the cover even pushing away the Most Beautiful People 2010 cover (which in time has become a little iconic), holding her son and announcing she has decided to get a divorce.

I know, this is not really something that we should celebrate as it is a sad occasion that will change a lot relationships and lives. Still I cannot help but feel a little happy, that she obviously felt very strongly about the situation and that she was strong enough to make the decision despite the new baby and the other children and the press etc.

Let’s indulge in the feminist side of me: it’s a good day for women.

Hoorah for strong women, hoorah for strong mothers who make hard decisions every day not just for themselves but also for their children.

(Are we listening to the universe Elin Woods?)

Poor judgement can be forgiven, disrespecting another soul who you promised to love for life…apparently not.

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