The Long Weekend

It’s the Saturday of the Bank holiday: so many possibilities, so many things to look forward to.

I am going home for the week which seems to become a regular occurance, though honestly I haven’t been home this often for a long time. Not that it displeases anyone, my mother even confided that she thought it was a shame I had the glass door incident, but at least she sees me more! Erhm thanks mum – I think.

As some of you might know, I am going home for a more permanent fix for the tooth and… laser eye treatment. It’s a hospital jobbie instead of a clinic and the lady is already doing my head in with her over-cautiousness: she insists she can only do one eye now and the other in a couple of weeks. Even though loads of places treat the eyes, if not at the same time within a day of eachother. She is also a bit flakey on the e-mail, so let’s hope her eye surgery skills are better than her communication skills…

It is all a bit vanity of course. I have always hated my glasses since I had to wear them at the age of 10. I got contact lenses as soon as possible and I have felt really self-conscious with glasses since. So having to wear them for three weeks (you are not allowed to wear contacts for the initial laser check up as they need to do all kinds of calculations on your eyes – and you don’t really want the lady to get it wrong.) was a little bit of a challenge. People didn’t even comment at first, until I kept wearing them and everyone has been very positive about it. Just not me. I still don’t like them. Not even as a fashion statement; I struggle with the concept of geek chic.

Geek chic: very succesful cast of Paper Heart at 2009 Sundance.

 Why is it that in films, the ugly girl always wears glasses even though she is really pretty and that the main part of the make-over involves getting rid of the glasses and a touch of lipgloss?!  Also, as we are on a rant: too many Orientals with glasses in the media people! I know it is a DNA thing but seriously, isn’t it time to break the stereotype? Just because you have bad eyesight doesn’t mean you are an outcast of society nor does it mean you can perform open-heart surgery whilst being a violin virtuoso at the age of five.

I am scared of having my eyes lasered, don’t get me wrong. I am excited and scared. Part of me knows it is probably a bit wrong to start cutting into things that shouldn’t be cut in, but then it is not like it is purely for aesthetic reasons. (Or so I try to convince myself.) It is not like I have all of a sudden decided to get a breast enhancement (mostly because I think I would fall over – though imagine the surprise in the office next week should I come back with a DD cup :~) ” yeah I had my eyes done”).

 Without glasses I cannot see, with this treatment I will hopefully have clear vision again for the rest of my life or at least until I need reading glasses. Even with the latter it will still give me pleasure for say twenty years? Twenty years! No more worrying about losing contact lenses, 100ml rule for fluids in airports (though they might abandon that in 2013), no more not being able to see when it pours down with rain unto your glasses, no more steaming up of glasses when you enter a full room making you look like a lemon, no more guessing where your towel is on beach/side of the pool when you have been for a swim on holiday: Amazing!

Alternatively the initial check up will say that I am unsuitable for this treatment and I will have to live with bad eyesight for the rest of my life or everything goes horribly wrong and I end up blind… On a more positive note: that will only be in one eye! It will be a license for an eye-patch too and as we all know pirates are just damn sexy:

Clever, Charming and slightly Camp - sounds like it ticks my boxes.

So what or whoever floats your boat this weekend, stirs your coffee or rubs your buddha: enjoy it!

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