Silence on Remembrance Day

Back here at the mothership, we celebrate Freedom-Day today. It is the celebration of D-Day, a day on which we remember and appreciate our freedom that so many have fought for.

Last night it was our Remembrance Day – at 8pm we have a 2 minute silence for those who have fallen in the many wars since WWII. Last night I watched the ceremony on tv. Last night I saw the mass-panic that happened when a nutter decided to disturb the ceremony. In the end fifty people were

A veteran calming down children

wounded, amongst whom two severely. It was supposed to be a solemn event, a moment of silence. the importance of which we pass on the generations. Children fell last night, the elderly standing in the crowds, mothers protecting the little ones. Mass panic, maybe more dangerous than the individual who caused it.

The Queen was there and led to safety. Fifteen minutes later when the man was arrested and all the wounded carried off, she returned. People were still in shock, children were still crying. The man in charge announced they would carry on as someone had become unwell. A blatant lie. Of course. Everyone knew. Still the Queen was there, stood there, ready to carry on.

It was silent.

The:  the national anthem and shivers down my spine.

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