Bittersweet goodbye

A long long time ago, in galaxy far far away, a guy and a girl both just 20 decided to write a play together. In order to do so and to make everyhing a bit more official they set up an official foundation. They pretentiously called it Dic Cur Hic? Latin for: Say, Why Are You Here? It is registered, paperwork done, website made all very official thank you very much.

How ambitious we were. The plans we made to write plays, perform them and sell them again. We wrote one play together: TRIO or survival of the fitness [no typo] Centered around a couple that has to deal with cancer when the husband gets ill, we interviewed a lot of people: hospital, patients, nurses, family members. Then we wrote our play based on the interviews. Not necessarily verbatim, but hopefully truthfully and recognisable (we were twenty! We were invincible!) In any case we learned a lot. About how press works – you cannot sell the story to a small paper, because then the bigger paper doesn’t want it anymore. About deadlines – always too tight no matter how well you plan them! About budgetting – if you spend money you don’t have, you will still have to pay for it when the profits don’t add up. About communication and working together – shouting things at each other that you cannot take back, does not help the working together. About friendship – that it is too precious to squander over ambition. ( Though I have to admit the last point took awhile.)

Because over the six years, the boy still placed a couple of succesful projects under the foundation, making back the money they put in, the girl couldn’t see what she would do with it but also couldn’t let go either.

All things come to an end, as the boy grew up and has his own company and the foundation lay gathering dust. This afternoon in a very official meeting with the treasurer and secretary, thank you very much we tallied up the money, wrote down our very last notes and took a vote: Dic Cur Hic? is no more. Official part over we had lunch and laughed.

Bittersweet are the memories, the steep learning curves and the letting go of a remnant of a life that seems a life time ago.

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