Lunchtime worries

Summer’s approaching ( though you couldn’t tell from the weather) and all the magazines headlining with your 3 week bikini-plan as well as the best bikinis for your shape. I have just returned from a week at home, where I just ate every bit Dutch food I could get my hands on, I don’t really miss it when I am in London: it was more because I could.  (My sister also describes it as the only entertainment in our small town.) So instead of dieting – which i don’t believe in (see previous entries under ‘food’); I decided to eat more sensibly.

You see I eat very often, almost or very much like grazing. I defend myself by saying I don’t eat a lot at the same time, but somehow all the little bits must add up… So come lunch time I have usually consumed breakfast as well as several pieces of chocolate, biscuits and on a bad days a packet of crisps has been known to have come my way before noon.

Lunchtime itself brings its challenges. (Let’s just note that the best thing to do is bring your own lunch in. I agree, but life just doesn’t always work that way ok?) Thus lunchtime is an endless choice of food. What to choose?

Do you go for soup and bread – cheap option, but does it actually fill you up? You might just end up snacking an hour later – and I will. I also don’t like soup that much – I prefer food you can chew: soup not a favourite.

Salads: better, as you have to chew it and you can glam it up with some tuna or chicken. Big bags of salad do mean you eat it for the rest of the week ( I also get easily bored.) and it tastes so healthy the chocolate machine beckons come 4 pm.

Sandwiches: Ah. Yes. If you look at the calorie and fat content of ready made sandwiches you’d be amazed. Mayo, butter cheese and your tiny sandwich all of a sudden contains near 600kcal. Which is 25% of your recommended daily Kcal intake. Same goes for ready made salads really, which are even sneakier: some have the calorie and fat  for a portion on them. A portion being half or even a quarter of the pack. Whilst you would really eat the whole pack because they are tiny!

Then there are the other pitfalls of food decisions:

5-a-day fruit and veg – Who really gets 5 a day every day? You really need to make a conscious effort here – maybe I should try to snack on fruit before lunch.

by photobucket A Tasty Way to Your 5-A-Day

What about the fructose content though? Doesn’t that count as sugar? (Answers on a postcard please!)

3 -a-day dairy – see above. Who thinks of these things. How much do you need to eat to get everything you need? (Does chocolate count as dairy?)

1.5 l of water a day – on top of tea and coffee? You end up going to the bathroom all the time but it makes you feel fuller and hydrated. (All very paradoxical really.)

Chicken – I read Two Caravans last week. In this book a part of the chicken-industry is described, especially chicken used for ready made meals. It is enough to make you a vegetarian if I believed in such a thing. I don’t.

Then there are all the other things you can worry about: the sat. fat, salt content, carbs, toxic light  products, organic/ non-organic, carbon footprint.

I even considered  following the yogi in India who claims he hasn’t eaten for 70 years, how amazing would that be!

[pause for thought]

Then I heard a voice in my head: “It probably means that he also hasn’t had sex for 70 years.”

God, who would have thought: the voice of reason sounds like my friend Sura.

One thought on “Lunchtime worries

  1. Back in the day when I knew about these things, the annual cycle of ups and downs in Diet Pepsi sales took an uptick in April/May which was attributed to women starting to think about getting into a swimsuit in the summer.

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