Dream Seer

Maybe it is because my sister is staying in my bed, but I have been having really weird dreams lately.

I have had two about my cousin’s unborn baby, which in itself is not weird as I will see her at the end of the month hopefully.

Plus months ago, I had a dream about my cousin being pregnant when they  had just found out… Freaky. Whenever my grandmother used to dream about her sisters we had to contact them  (in Indonesia and Australia) just in case… In case of what? I’m not sure but it seems that our family seems strangely connected.

A dream about my sister having cut herself with a razor blade in her face gushing blood everywhere, occurred around the same time she actually cut her leg with a razor blade and it didn’t stop bleeding all over the bathroom. At home. A North Sea away.  Similarly when I phoned my sister before going to Antwerp, she had a feeling something would go horribly wrong. Flash forward 12 hours and I smack my mouth into a glass door. Luckily she didn’t tell me before, I might have had issues getting on the Eurostar.

My mum once phoned me because my late grandmother send her a text message in her dream (! I know straight connection to heaven…) to call me and see if I was ok. She only told me days after because she didn’t want to freak me out. Of course I told her everything was fine, though looking back on it, I think that night I was heartbroken, possibly intoxicated and after massive argument left by boyfriend- at-the time in the middle of London. Should have seen then it was not going to work out between us. ( Sorry mum, sometimes it is better to tell you months after so not to freak you out!)

 You cannot do too much about these things anyway can you? I always remember the tale of the lady who was told she would die on a certain day. So she stayed in, locked the doors, turned all the electricity off waiting to ride it out. She sat down in her armchair and a photo frame fell on her head and killed her. 

Hey Ho. Anyway…

Not wanting to end on an unhappy note though, and returning to the beginning:

It seems I am trying to find out the unborn baby’s name through my dreams haha! A few suggestions have been given, so I’ll let you know when she is born!

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