Friday Feeling

Feeling slightly dehydrated (obviously not hungover) -tick.

Bacon sandwich and two pints of water  for breakfast- tick

Feeling sliiiightly smug because you still made it into work despite panicking you still had to pack this morning whilst feeling dehydrated, and managing to  bring your passport- tick

Plug in camera battery to charge- tick

General chaos and non work in the office – tick

Spontaneous phone calls to parents to wish them a nice holiday -tick

Quick trip to Oxford street for birthday surprises -tick

Team lunch with lovely conversation that makes you laugh out loud – tick

E-mail marked URGENT by CEO to you which you pick up after two our lunch …turns out to be about the birthday she signed and left on your desk pheew- tick

Boring work-call to make, but no one picking up- tick

Print out e-ticket to Amsterdam – tick

Going out later for surprise birthday office party grocery shopping- tick

Leaving early to catch a flight to see an old friend – tick.

Returning to the office because you forgot the charged camera battery- tick

Remembering to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend -tick

Have a nice one!

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