Cr*p – Modern Feminism

Just realised I have 12 more days until I am apparently performing my funny/funky folk.

My social life seems to have already taken up three nights this week, which gives me 9 more days.

I have half an idea and less of a clue so perhaps I should try to kick myself into gear!

Soooo…. Modern Feminism, what does that mean?

Surely it cannot be bra-burning anymore, if only for the extortionate price that you pay for a garment that really doesn’t contain that much material! The eternal guilt of the working mother? The side – effects of The Pill? The return of the Eighties shoulder pads (WHY?!)? Is it wanting it all: the career, the man, the family, the Botox? Cougars? Female soldiers? Page 3 girls or god forbid the phenomenon that is Jordan? Is it Judy Dench playing a lesbian in Notes on A Scandal? Is it a handful of Dutch male ministers resigning because they want to spend more time with their children? Is it a return to the institute of marriage being acceptable even before the grand ol’ age of 30? Is it tampons with a flowery fragrance (once again: WHY?!)?

...and God created Man to bring happiness to women.

Hmm maybe I can write about this…

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