Stepping up the game…

It has been a few days since my last blog entry and you would be forgiven to think I’d be working hard on my little routine for the 19th. All lies, the intention was there and suddenly a social life got in the way…

So the last couple of evenings and days have been filled with wine and recovering I’m afraid. Yes, some artist thrive on inspiration through substance use but alas: Keith Richards I am not.

What I have come to realise that my occasional lack of middleground is making me lose focus and precious time. Realising this makes me sound like a complete alcoholic, don’t worry mother. It is just that I don’t feel like concentrating on either writing or playing guitar if I have the choice to have a drink and socialise with friends. Luckily I still prefer my friends over writing silly songs and blog entries!

Still: this is a blog about how I am going to start getting into performing again. Part of it is focus, which I seem to lose with a drink or two. Well two. Apparently the Irish have the saying that two friends cannot go out for ‘one’; they at least buy each other a drink. This is al very well, now try replacing drink with bottle and you have the gist of my last couple of evenings…

Sometimes it is time to reset the button and get back on track. I like to see it as like a detox without giving up food. Would I have the motivation? Well apparently the teacher appears when the student is ready…

After having left the office party last night with sensible head on for a change and feeling pretty perky in the morning I opened an e-mail. It was an appeal for people who would run a half-marathon for charity in October, implying that the addressees would have drunkenly agreed to participating. Haha. I vaguely remember having had this conversation but I also remember Not Agreeing to Do It.

Let me get this clear: I do not run. My philosophy is that when you plan well, you never have to run- not even for the bus. I was crap at PE and I have a tiny issue with a minor form of body dysmorphia linking to exercise. As you can see lack of  middleground and moderation also applies to other parts of my life!

Still in the euphoria of smugness for not being hungover, the endorphines might have taken over. (What is 21K? Only 4 times 5 plus 1 right?) I thought it time to fight these old demons and concentrate on moving my life forward.  Mens sana in corpore sano…thus in a blur I saw myself typing:

Yes, OK.

and pressed Send.

(To Be Continued.)

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